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Attorney Sumner L. Parker

10,000+ Criminal Cases In Nearly Four Decades

“I would like to extend my deepest gratitude and thanks for handling my situation with great empathy and personal care. I must tell you again how courteous and professional [your staff] was through this whole process.” 

–Tarek A.


“Man, I got busted on some drugs again and was pretty much sure I was gonna catch some time. Parker knew the cop was lying and he rocked so hard in the courtroom that D.A. didn’t have a chance. I was prepped to go to jail, but Parker got me a program with no jail time.”  

– Justin B., Swissvale, PA

“I just want to express my thanks in your handling of my case. Your staff was very understanding and nonjudgmental during the whole ugly situation. I really appreciated that. I only saw you a few times and only saw five minutes of your action in court but I know you did much more than that. I know there were a lot of behind the scenes work and filing motions and so on. I especially know that your negotiations and influence had a lot to do with it. My family, friends and I just need to let you know JOB WELL DONE!”

–Monica T

Only what's best for you is my focus

“There are really no words to express how thankful we are for all you have done for our family. When your children are in trouble it is very hard to think straight, make decisions, and remain objective. That is where you came in with such kindness, efficiency and skill. It was such a blessed relief when you took over [our boys’] cases. Every time we had contact with anyone in your office the problem was handled with such care and concern. We still can’t believe the outcome of the trial. Not only did they both get a second chance but also the help they need to get well. Keep up the excellent work.” 

–The M. Family

“I would like to thank you very much for changing my son, John’s, problems. I’ve never been so happy to get this thing in our past. God bless you. It’s nice to know that there are people like you who care about others. I believe without your help my son would still be in jail. You were a great blessing to all my children because on Sunday, December 12, I was 70 years old and it’s been the first birthday that I had all my children together in many years. Thank you.”

–Laura T.

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I’ve heard it all including “you probably made up those testimonials on your website.” Of course, lots of companies and firms just make up their testimonials. But mine are real comments from clients who were satisfied with my representation and skills. (And when the client wrote their thanks, I have their letters to prove it.) Obviously posting their full names would not only be an invasion of their privacy but also, in most cases, would also be embarrassing for them. I’m about making clients’ lives better and helping them move on not publicly humiliating them.

“You did what you said you’d do and even put your agreement with us in writing. At all times, we were treated with respect. I am very satisfied with the service we have received.”

–Carol L.

“Thanks are not enough when someone cares the way you cared. To tell you so you really understand is not enough in words. It meant so much to all of us the warm encouragement and encouraging words you shared. You worked hard! God bless you always! Keep up the good work. We need more lawyers like you.”

–The C., H. and W. family, especially Rico H.

TO THE PRACTICE MANAGER:​  “Don’t tell Mr. Parker I said this, but when I first saw him, I didn’t think he looked very tough…he reminds me of my grandpa. But when I saw him in court and how he handled my case, I knew he’s a really, really good. I should know. I’ve had a lot of them.” 

-Kayla K.

“Your persistence with the magistrate and your quick grasp of the facts in Mike’s case made a big difference and helped in obtaining what was a fair ruling on his behalf.”

–David F.

“I would like to thank you for the compassion and concern you showed for my child. Thank you for the wonderful letters you wrote for him. Everything was greatly appreciated by all of us. Thank you.”

–LaTanya C. and Family


“I was extremely impressed with your work. You are a refreshing breath of air. You are witty, intelligent, down to earth yet very professional at the same time. I am glad that I had the opportunity to see you in action and your personality, and demeanor.” 

–Patrick R.